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Hello from the Big D staff, we’re are so happy an glad you decided to stop by and check out the new website for Big D Records. This is are monthly blog that will inform you about all things happening with Big D Records, so just to get it started; this is what’s up for the beginning of 2021 for Big D Records. We put out the promo already for the first Ep of the year 2021, the Ep is titled “ Dj Beats ep” the ep drops January 12th 2021. The Ep is a dope production from JD & MCGM production, all of the tracks are drum beats, dj’s can use to get busy while they work them beats however they fill the crowd will like. The DJ Beats Ep is going to be available at all digital music sites. The Big D staff would also like for you to enjoy a classic hot mix from DJJD on one of his tours back in the day, it is a hour long mix and its funky; this mix is from Switzerland, so please enjoy. Also make sure to check out our website and browse around and enjoy your self, as are new website content provider did his thing for Big D Records, and make sure to drop a line to Aron T, and let him know what you think and things he can enhance for your enjoyment on the site. Well we don’t want to give away the farm so soon, so let us save some tid bits for the next issue of Big D blog.

Remember Listen to it, download it, save it, play it!!!!!

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