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February Blog Update!

Hello, this is the Big D staff (BDR), we liked to welcome you to another blog for the month of February 2021 about Big D Records. We hope everyone is enjoying the site and browsing around to the different pages on the site. JD asked us to put up a new mix on the home page, so keep a look out for his next hot mix. So let’s get into (what’s up with Big D Records) for February 2021. So we have the EP out now called ( The Dj Drum Beats Ep) BDR 038 you can grab your copy at our webpage (, or you can also find the Ep on all digital music sites, Traxsource, Beatport, Spotify, ITunes; etc.. So please drop by any website and get your copy. We also have out in the promotional stage is BDR 039 (The Everlasting Ep). Dj promos are going out now an the Ep will be available on all digital music sites, February 16, 2021. The BDS( Big D staff) has been working hard on the site making it easy and engaging to all, so please stop by and visit the swag shop and get your hoodie or shirts; plus the BDS has a hoodie favorite from Aron, the Big D web controller. The next blog we have so much to talk about so we can’t give you everything now , but look forward to March 2021 blog.

Remember, Listen to it!!! Download it!!! Save it!!! Play it!!!!

God Bless


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