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Well hello and we would have to say welcome back, we have been gone for awhile but we never forget about our fans. This is the BDS ( Big D Staff) an we have so much to talk about since the last time we spoke. So let’s just get right into it. We have a website ( finally) you can go to ( there you can download all of our catalog music look at videos of JD back in the day and just browse around leave a comment and listen to mixes or, wait for it!!!! YOU CAN LOG ON TO BIG D RADIO!!! Yes that’s right Big D Radio, streaming 24/7 across the world!!!

Yessss you can now go to the website or to this link

And listen to dance music 24/7!!!! How cool is that!!!! Also we set up a podcast for JD, so you can visit the podcast ( Big D Radio ) an listen to jd’s hot mixes, when he was traveling abroad, you will enjoy this… We have so much to cover that we have to get every one on board so we don’t miss you again.

So make sure to check the website and to check Big D Radio!!

We promise there will always be something we have in store for you, and if your a Dj look for new material or go check the latest releases on…

We will talk soon


BDS Big D Staff

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