Welcome to

Big D Records!

Hello this is BDS (Big D Staff). We would like to welcome you to
our new web site for Big D Records. We are honored that you took the
time to visit our site, and hope that you become a regular for years to
come. This letter is to let you know what Big D Records is about. Big D
records has been around since January 2004, doing productions for the
dance community, now some of the productions have been shaky but
we kept on grinding to get our friends and the public the best quality
music we can offer to you. That being said. Big D Records is all about
quality dance music first; and any other kind of music production we
come up with that makes you move. We will always serve the DJ’s and
the dance community quality house music, weather it’s deep, soulful,
Jazzy, funky, instrumental, pop, r n b, music. We promise to always give
you the best in Big D Music.

This site is for your entertainment, you can
browse around, and listen to mixes from DJJD from back in the day, and
you can also preview new music, and unreleased music that was not
promo to the public. We also have a new area coming were you might
want to check it out, when the page is ready to launch. At Big D
Records; we work hard for you to make the best music, and that’s why
we play hard, when you see our staff, and now that we have a chance
to give back, we want you to know, if you have music you would like to
see the light, always send submissions to us, we will be happy to listen
to the production, and see were we go from there. There is a page
where you can send submission for consideration, and we will get back
to you as soon as we can. We here at Big D Records look forward to
having a long-lasting life in the dance community, even if we go on
other adventures in the entertainment world, dance music will always
be alive and well on Big D Records.

We hope you enjoy the ride and come along with us, as we step into
the future with dance music. We hope to see everyone soon on till then